give em the ol razzle dazzle

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I’m really bored and all I want is spring. So I was going through my Rolex pictures. Which are generally terrible from last year. There are a small handful of good shots.



Henry Jota <3

That first one tho is just amazing

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Nothing to see here.

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"Every great rider once had problem putting a halter on. Every Spruce Meadows Champion once had a sucky heel position. Every Olympian at one point couldn’t tell running from standing martingales. Every legend once doubted if they could ever be like their legends. Every winner once felt defeated so bad that they didn’t think they could recover. Every equestrian heavyweight once wondered what it was really like to feel the arena lights fall on them when it counted the most. Every person who ever had the guts to zip up their tall boots, to slip on their helmet, and put their foot in that stirrup, has felt doubt, pain, insignificant, not good enough—but it just goes to show you, if you fight hard enough, your worst day could make others’ good days look like nothing close to it."

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You don’t learn to ride overnight!

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Explaining what dressage is while in an ambulance strapped to a plastic board unable to move any of my body is not really how I saw my first show since I started training the best horse in the world going. And now I’m never going to see him again, and I may as well be dead, because that’s how I feel.

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Horses > people

Barn > school

Learning courses > studying books

Early show mornings > early school mornings

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Some of the senior pictures that I took for a barn friend yesterday.

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